Welcome to Qinsun Instruments Co., Limited.

Company Profile

Qinsun Instruments Co., LTD was founded in 2010,comprised of many experienced engineers and designers standing in the forefront of the industry. Qinsun specialize in the research and development of high quality lab instrument for textile testing industry. Our head office in Shanghai and we provide high quality testing instrument and comprehensive service for textile factory,academic research institute and textile lab worldwide.

We always develop the highly sophisticated test instrument which can meet the various demands of the textile industry. We provide the upfront Micro weathering test equipments with our own brand name”QINSUN”,such as thermal resistance wet resistance meter,MMT(moisture management tester)etc, and the new functional test instrument include air permeability tester, hydrostatic head tester,thermal protection performance tester,as well as the widely used lab testing equipment such as textile washing color fastness tester,abrasion tester, pilling tester, rubbing color fastness tester,ironing tester and perspiration tester.For the laboratory requirements, we also bring forth the new practical test instruments. Qinsun products include: fabric test equipment,fiber tester, yarn tester, carpet tester,non-woven fabric tester, toy tester,leather tester,automotive material test equipment and others.

Qinsun test instrument are sold all over the world through our distributors in overseas countries, We provide you with the superior quality instrument,aftersales service and support. With the most outstanding and accurate performance,all our instruments are made in compliance with international standard such as ISO,JIS,AATCC,GB,ASTM,BS,DIN.



Development History

2009 Shanghai Qinsun Instrument Co., LTD was founded,we enter in the field of textile, providing relevant solutions to the industry.

2010 - 2011 We start the first complete production line of textile testing equipment successfully.

2012 We launch the new products thermal resistance wet resistance meter and MMT(moisture management tester).

2013 - 2015 Promote our brand QINSUN to the international market gradually.

Mission and Values

Our mission

Qinsun Instrument focus on creative high quality textile testing instrument, with our powerful teamwork,constantly innovation, practical efficiency and excellent service, our mission is to supply our customers and distributors with the integrated solutions of lab testing.

Our value

Customer first

It is always our goal to consider your requirements and obtain your trust. We will meet your expectations with all our heart whatever service you need, customized products or technical support.

Creative thoughts

With the most professional lab technology,the accumulative practical experience and the continuous innovations,Qinsun instrument insist on supplying the most advanced testing instrument in the world.

Professional skills

With our accumulated practical experience and customer’s feedback,We ensure to supply you with the best quality textile test equipment and after sales service, we enjoy the most professional R&D team,textile testing instrument expert and perfect after sales support for each equipment.

Humanized instrument

We manufacture and sell the testing machine which is very simple and convenient for your use. Each of our testing instruments are designed in accordance with the use experience,such as touch panel,small key board,etc.

Environmental awareness, defending human future

Cooperating with the worldwide distributors,our test instrument are sold to more than 20 countries. In the same time,we are responsible for protecting our environment.

Our vision

We are committed to assist with the customers worldwide for the research of the textile technology, and make the top quality textile testing equipment. So we will continuously making the creation, and provide our perfect service to all our clients.

Quality policy

Qinsun test Instrument are always trying to exceed customer’s expectations, meet the challenges and achieve higher level, we promise to improve our service and quality by constant research and development.

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